Imola Recap but It’s My Dog – World’s Best* F1 Blog

That was a fun race for teams not clad in silver or red.

The opener of the European season provided a good bit of chaos and shook up the standings a bit ahead of the inaugural Miami GP in a few weeks.

But you watched the race and read what you’re going to read by now. So the real question: what if the race recap was just my dog? I’ve done the necessary work to figure it out and enlisted my one-year-old purebred mutt Bella to assist with the visual aids.

I promise she was rewarded with many scritches, snacks, and a trip to the park for the work she provided.

Max Verstappen

Like Bella enjoying a happy day out at the park, Max’s race on Sunday was a leisurely drive through Northern Italy. An exciting win in the sprint gave way to a dominant lights-to-flag win on Sunday. It was indeed a very lovely Sunday for the world champion.

On a scale of 1-5 good bois it was definitely five good bois for car #1.

Sergio Perez

A cheeky smile for a cheeky driver and a cheeky drive for Checo. The sprint got him up to third, and his drive Sunday was excellent. It’s been wonderful seeing Perez get comfortable in the Red Bull. After being a fan of his for more than a decade, it’s been great seeing him finally get his opportunity with the world watching.

Rating: 5 good bois

Lando Norris

Confident. Strong. An eye towards future success. That was Bella on Easter Sunday and that was Lando at Imola. The future looks bright for the McLarens this year. I’m hopeful Lando finally gets win #1 this year.

Rating: 4.5 good bois

George Russell

Smiling? Sure. Still upside down and unsure of the next move? Yes. It’s always confusion in the morning for Bella, and it’s been confusion for the Mercs this season. George wrangled the car to P4, yet another good finish, but huge problems remain for Mercedes that need solving sooner than later.

An excellent drive, but either the car falls off a cliff or Brackley figures it out this spring.

Rating: 4 good bois

Valtteri Bottas

Look at that dog. Too cool for school.

Look at Valtteri Bottas. Too cool to let contact ruin his day. To whom it may concern, Bottas is here. Bottas is ready to get back on the podium. Bottas is ready to keep picking up the points. Porridge has never been so badass.

Rating: 5 good bois

Charles Leclerc

Everything was set for Charlie to stand on the podium to the adoring cheers of the tifosi. Instead, the Monagasque was bitten with some of his personal Monaco luck a month before the race on the Mediterranean.

It should have been P3 at worst for Leclerc, but instead it was a disappointing P6. Double disappointing with the Bulls owning the weekend.

Bella winces.

Rating: 2.5 good bois

Yuki Tsunoda

Surprise! I think Yuki has finally arrived.

An awesome bounceback race after a dismal showing in Melbourne seemed to show that Tsunoda is ready to make the step up to being a legitimate midfield contender, and maybe even sneak onto a podium.

Here’s hoping to more points for car 22.

Rating: 4.5 good bois

Lewis Hamilton

Here’s Bella stuck in a cage, not of her own making. She’s stuck in the cage because she finds ways to chew on everything in the house when left alone. It’s not intrinsically her fault. She’s young, energetic, and bouncy.

And here is Lewis Hamilton stuck in a terrible car, not of his own making. He’s stuck in the car because Mercedes made numerous mistakes in developing a car to the new regulations. It’s not Hamilton’s fault. The car is young, energetic, and bouncy.

I hope Bella grows out of her muzzle. I hope the Mercedes grows into a championship-worthy car.

Rating: .5 good bois

Carlos Sainz

Rating: no good bois

Thanks for reading. This might not actually be the world’s best F1 blog, but I think it’s pretty ok. And now here’s one for the road….#BrockhamptonForever