The World’s Best* F1 Blog – Bahraining Fire and Flames

What makes an F1 race so fun is the ability for everything to turn in a minute. Sure, Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen had danced the desert night away for the lead midway through the race, but eventually things settled down into a rhythm.

Charles held firm in the lead. Max fell behind. Carlos rounded out the podium.

F1 is the pinnacle of racing science and technology with some of the best drivers on earth. It’s also dumb as shit and showed why in the final 10 laps of the race.

I was actually able to get an interview with one of the real, honest-to-goodness Red Bull engines used in the race last night. I asked what it felt about the drivers running it in Sakhir and it responded with a song.

Pierre’s caught fire. Max’s hiccuped. Checo’s was a brat. For all the hype behind this year’s Red Bull power unit and all the simping toward the team after testing, race one sure was a kick in the nuts.

With all the “Honda” engines crapping out Ferrari was easily able to run away with a 1-2 in the closing laps.

Three of the four drivers in the Red Bull teams fail to finish with Yuki pulling points with an eighth-place finish. I reckon this was just a perfect storm of a nightmare, similar to the tires for Mercedes at the British GP in 2020.

But man, what if it’s more than that. What it it’s something more? It’d be hilarious for all the R&D to lead to a twitchy, overpowered, unreliable engine right as the freeze comes in.

F1 is better when it’s weird. I hope this weird sticks around at least for a little while.


I’m not sure what was sexier: the new Ferrari or it’s driver lineup. Regardless, what a day it was for the prancing horse. The fine equines blasted off into the night and more or less controlled proceedings for the duration.

Carlos Sainz could father my damn children and I’d be cool with it. I’m so excited to be able to see him get his first win this season because it’s going to happen. I bet it’ll be Australia.

I’m hype for Ferrari to be good again. It really felt like the team was back at a world title level again, and that’s good for the sport. It’s more fun when Ferrari is at the top of the table. You love them. You hate them. You care. Sports are at their best when they’re their most theatrical, and there isn’t much theater better than the red machine blasting off down the track.

Also, that Monagasque national anthem sure sounded like something they’d play at the circus while parading the elephants around the ring.

HALFTIME……Take a look at my dog. Bella’s a cutie.

How about Guenther’s dynamic door boys. No smashing in Bahrain, except a smashing good performance from Kevin and Mick.

What a race from Haas. After replacing Nikita “sanktsii” Mazepin with Kevin “my god that bear is dreamy” Magnussen, the team has taken off. K-Mag stepped right back into the car and brought it home P5. Mick finished P11.

This team is going to be beautiful to watch this year. A failed car this season would have meant the end of the team after punting on 2021 and focusing solely on developing the car to the new regs.

The gamble has worked. This car will take points consistently and it will challenge for podiums on the right day. I won’t say it can win, but that Alpha Tauri in 2020 wasn’t built to win either. Same for the Alpine last season.

It’ll be fun to watch Schumacher continue to grow as a driver and be able to gauge himself against someone of F1 quality. And it’ll be fun to watch K-Mag have a banger car that the can fight with atop the field. Would be lovely to see him get that white whale of a second podium he’s been chasing since his debut.

PORRIDGE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New team, new vibe for Valtteri Bottas and I am here for it. He started sixth. He ended sixth. I chuckle when he qualified on the same row as Hamilton on Saturday because some things never change.

And some things do change. A lot. Like Alfa’s points chances this season with a vastly improved Ferrari engine in the back. I like this. Sauber has been chasing a quality season for a long time, and this one might be it.

Bottas is the sixth-most experienced driver on the grid, with 179 starts including Bahrain. To have Bottas in the fold after losing Kimi Raikkonen is huge for Alfa Romeo. A veteran hand was needed in a big way with the new car and a brand new F1 driver in Guanyu Zhou, who also scored on Sunday, to hopefully push the team up the grid.

What a time to be alive. What a season this will be. Thanks for reading. Here’s one for the road.

* – This may not, in fact, be the world’s greatest F1 blog but I think it’s pretty fun any way.

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